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Since 2013, IMS Hungary has been engaged in training, education and curriculum development. During these projects we realized that the knowledge accumulated in companies is the basis of the corporate knowledge assets. For several years now, we have laid the foundations for e-learning and developed methods to support e-learning processes.

We have a broad team of professionals to develop and customize the IT framework for education and to produce educational materials for the system.

Companies with wide-spread geographic location are posed to make the most of the program. Today, all companies need to recognize the need for continuous training of their employees for long-term success, and the enormous benefits can be achieved by delivering the training within an IT framework rather than moving people and booking rooms. The program allows the completion of curriculum packets in 25-30 minute sessions instead of 2-3 days of combined training. Test questions at the end of the curriculum help to measure how well the given part was mastered. At the end of each part, employees demonstrate the learned curriculum section, which is immediately evaluated by the system in a percentage form. Upon successful completion, a certificate is awarded. In case of a failed exam, if an area requires a more thorough study, the exam can be retaken of course. Obligatory to completion of a course within a given time is not part of the knowledge libraries we have prepared so far, but this can be integrated into the program upon request.

Breczku János
Breczku JánosManaging Director

Available Options:

Your business is interested in the program, but you don't know how to build the knowledge asset in it: It is important to know that not only do we provide the system, but also, upon request, we create the knowledge repository with descriptions and audio-visual supplements.

The company has distributable know-how in PPT, Word or other formats but these are obsolete: We convert these materials upon request.

Your business might be interested, but you don't want to have your own specific knowledge material prepared: We have many knowledge bases that are not company specific but profession specific, thus providing excellent training material for several companies. This includes, but is not limited to, retail, HACCP-related materials, and labour-safety and fire-protection materials.

Contact us

Phone:  +36 70 453 20 75

Our email address is info@ims-smartacademy.eu

Address: 1146 Budapest, Hermina út 17., 10th floor

Opening hours of our office: Mon-Fri: 8:00 - 17:00, Sat-Sun: Closed


busz 5 ➤ Korong utca way-station

Approaching through subway, our office building is within 5 minutes on foot.

villamos 1 ➤ Ajtósi Dürer sor way-station

From the tram way-station, our office can be reached within 3-4 minutes of walk.

troli 72, 74 ➤ Vakok intézete (Institution for the Blind) way-station

The trolley bus stop is just at the corner of our office building.

Guests arriving by car are advised to use the car park at the bottom of the Hermina Businness Tower.


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