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Large employers, such as retail companies, public transportation or even public administration, face the problem of educating large numbers of geographically dispersed employees on a daily basis. It is common that the demand for training is high, in fact, constantly increasing. The legal environment is constantly changing, implementation instructions are constantly changing, and sometimes thousands are employed in professions that do not have a traditional vocational training system.  The situation is aggravated by the high fluctuation. However, the organization of traditional classroom training is increasingly confronted with the realities of everyday life.

Due to the extremely tight headcount planning, the work force does not tolerate the absence of the employees for an entire day, while the additional costs of education also severely affect companies: high educator fees, high demand for training organization and problematic logistics of employee mobility. As a result, traditional education is now completely recessed, while the need for education is becoming more intense. That's why we've created an educational system that can resolve the conundrum: IMS SmartAcademy on smart devices is the educational tool of the future.



In the IMS SmartAcademy system, each organizational unit receives a tablet, which provides each employee with a set of customized learning materials, tailored to their tasks and workplace. The curricula encompass a wide range of knowledge: in addition to classical basic vocational training, they include organization-specific process knowledge, work instructions, and supplier- and product-specific knowledge, in a form that goes far beyond traditional training frameworks. The curricula support the learning process with many images, videos and audio narratives, and the results can be confirmed by an exam at the end of each curriculum.

In IMS SmartAcademy, topics are broken down into short lessons of up to 20 minutes, so employees can complete your learning tasks at any time, even during a shift. The tools allocated for each unit report in detail the learning outcomes of the employees to the centre, and thus, the results of lessons and exams completed can be accurately tracked. Thanks to this, the managers of the departments or even the central HR management can follow the progress of the staff with full insight and, if necessary, give instructions to help them learn.


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