Take a look at our solutions, and if you are interested in our program, contact us for a unique quote!

We have ready-made curricula, a framework in which we create your company-specific materials and, if required, convert existing knowledge repositories.

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Contact us

Phone:  +36 70 453 20 75

Our email address is

Address: 1146 Budapest, Hermina út 17., 10th floor

Opening hours of our office: Mon-Fri: 8:00 - 17:00, Sat-Sun: Closed


busz 5 ➤ Korong utca way-station

Approaching through subway, our office building is within 5 minutes on foot.

villamos 1 ➤ Ajtósi Dürer sor way-station

From the tram way-station, our office can be reached within 3-4 minutes of walk.

troli 72, 74 ➤ Vakok intézete (Institution for the Blind) way-station

The trolley bus stop is just at the corner of our office building.

Guests arriving by car are advised to use the car park at the bottom of the Hermina Businness Tower.


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